Coolaudio V3205D Analog Delay (MN3205)

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The V3205SD is a 4096-stage low-noise, low-voltage BBD analog delay line that provides analog signal delays of up to 204.8 ms and is particularly suitable for the generation of sound effects (reverb, echo, phaser, flanger, etc.) in audio equipment such as karaoke microphones, guitar effects pedals, etc. Only available together with V3102.

General Description:
The V3205D/SD is a 4096-stage low voltage operation (VDD = 5 V) BBD that provides a signal delay of up to 204.8 ms
at clock frequency 10 KHz and is suitable for use as reverberation effect of audio equipments such as portable stereo
and radio cassette recorders which need low voltage and long delay time since S/N is 60 dB in spite of many stages.

• Variable delay of audio signals: 20.48 ms ~ 204.8 ms.
• Wide power supply voltage: 4 ~ 8 V.
• No insertion noise: Li = 0 dB typ.
• Wide dynamic range: S/N = 60 dB.
• N Channel silicon gate process.
• Special 8-Lead Dual-In-Line plastic Package.

• Reverberation and echo effects of audio equipment such as radio cassette recorder, car radio, portable radio,
portable stereo, echo microphone and pre-taped musical accompaniment (Karaoke), etc.
• Sound effect of electronic musical instrument.
• Variable or fixed delay of analog signals.
• Telephone time compression and delay line for voice communication system.


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